Friday, May 20, 2011

Panorama Of Contemporary Choro

Choro originated in Rio de Janeiro during the late 19. Century and soon spread all over Brazil thanks to the emergency of radio and record companies documenting the evolvement of this unique Brasilian music style. Choro had its hey days during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, when musicians and artists excelling in this kind of music were supported and encouraged by national programs of the government, however, a decline in interest of the public during the 1950s and 1960s threatened to leave the choro in oblivion. A revitalization of choro music was established in the 1970s through TV-sponsored nation-wide festivals, which attracted a new, younger generation of musicians. Thanks in great part to these efforts, choro music remains strong in Brazil today and the contemporary scene of choro musicians is as vital as ever.- A panorama of the contemporary choro scene in São Paulo has recently been produced and documented through a project initiated by local musicians, Roberta Valente and Yves Finzetto. The project was supported and covered by the State Secretariat of Culture of São Paulo and has resulted in a cd-recording and a concert program documenting the vitality of the contemporary choro scene in São Paulo. The project has its official website, to be accessed here

The aim of the project, named Panorama do Choro Paulistano Contemporâneo, was to bring notable local choro musicians from different generations together and invite them to produce new and original material for a cd-recording headed by a sextet especially selected for the project. The Sexteto Panorama (shown above) comprises of Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet and bass clarinet), Gian Correa (violão sete cordas), Henrique Araujo (cavaquinho and bandolim), John Poleto (sax and flute), Roberta Valente (pandeiro, percussion) and Yves Finzetto (percussion). In total, thirty musicians have been involved in the recording of sixteen new compositions by Alessandro Penezzi, Arnaldinho Silva, Danilo Brito, Edmilson Capelupi, Edson José Alves, Everson Pessoa, Israel Bueno de Almeida, Izaías Bueno de Almeida, João Poleto, Laércio de Freitas, Luizinho 7 cordas, Maurílio de Oliveira, Milton Mori, Nailor Proveta, Ruy Weber, Thiago França, Toninho Ferragutti and Zé Barbeiro. Each of the sixteen tracks has guest performance of the composer with support by members of the initial sextet, the result of this co-operation is outstanding, a marvellous example of the diversity and vitality of the contemporary choro scene in São Paulo. All sixteen tracks are available in streaming audio at the official website of the project including detailed info on participating musicians, click here - Unfortunately, I have not found info on how and where to purchase the cd, but it may be announced later at the website, until then I recommend taking time to enjoy the published streaming audio in full length. - In March the cd project was presented at a concert performance with participation of all involved in the project, a part of the concert has been recorded and uploaded on YouTube. Below I'll insert a couple of the uploaded videos from the event. First, here is the initial Sexteto Panorama performing the classic "Tico-tico no fúba"

From the final of the concert all participating musicians are on stage performing the same tune - enjoy this and the available streaming audio at the official website of Panorama do Choro Paulistano Contemporâneo