Saturday, October 22, 2011


This time just two inserted videos from YouTube for you to enjoy, if you haven't found them yourself already.

The first video features Hamilton de Holande and Danilo Brito in a duo setting playing Jacob do Bandolim's 'Receita de Samba' backstage and then Ernesto Nazareth's 'Fidalgo' on stage from a live performance this summer

The second video features Dudu Maia on bandolim accompanied by Juninho Ferreira (sanfona/ accordeon), Fernando César (violão 7 cordas), Rafael dos Anjos (violão), Pedro Vasconcellos (cavaquinho), Valerinho (pandeiro) & Thiago Viegas (triângulo) recorded in Brasilia March 2010 - the tune played is a composition by Dudu Maia 'Não tem Coré-coré'