Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Happy New Year - Um feliz ano novo 2013!

The editors of the choro-music blog wish our readers A Happy New Year/um feliz ano novo 2013 and thank you for your interest and support in 2012! The last blog entry in 2012 likes to point you to some important items released earlier this year, a review will be published later, the following may be considered just a small teaser.
In September Jorge Carvalho de Mello's long awaited book on Garoto, 'Gente Humilde - Vida e música de Garoto', was published by Edições SESC SP. This work is a result of de Mello's research that has opened access to previously unavailable material including Garoto's own diary revealing new aspects of his life and career. The book is based on the series of articles by de Mello published at the Sovaco de cobra website as 'O cancioneiro de Garoto'. A review (- in Portuguese) of this essential work is available here and the book can be purchased online here.

The great bandolinista Dudu Maia has been touring with his present Trio Brasileiro both in Brazil and abroad. Besides Dudu Maia on 10 string bandolim the trio consists of Douglas Lora on violão 7 cordas and Alexandre Lora on pandeiro and percussion. Earlier this year the trio released their first self-produced cd, 'Simples Assim'. containing thirteen excellent tracks of choro and related music. - To give you an impresseion of the music performed at the cd, here is an uploaded video featuring Trio Brasileiro playing 'Saruê Bengala', a composition by Dudu Maia and the opening track of the cd - enjoy!

The cd is available for purchase in the mp3 format here

These three happy persons, left to right, are André Ribeiro (bandolim), Priscilla Matos (piano) and Roberto Amaral (pandeiro), who formated the Conjunto Subindo A Ladeira, another great Brazilian trio excelling in choro. The trio released their first cd, 'De Trés em Trés', earlier this year, the disc contains excellent compositions by Priscilla Matos and André Ribeiro reflecting the classic choro repertoire and drawing inspiration from Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim a.o..

The cd is available for purchase in mp3 here. Here is a recorded live-performance from the release concert of the trio's cd, the tune played is a composition titled 'Maxixe do Vovô' - enjoy!

The last item to wet you teeth is the new cd by Choro das 3, 'Escorregando', released in October this year and the second outing by this talented and successful, young trio from the São Paulo state.

The cd has 14 tracks of delightful choro including a couple of selfcomposed works, everything very well produced and excecuted. Corina (flute, 24), Elisa (bandolim and clarinet, 19) and Lia (violão 7 cordas, 22) are accompanied by their father on pandeiro and invited guests in a repertoire and performance that reflects the heart and core of choro tradition. The cd may be purchased in mp3 format here. The release of the Escorregando cd was celebrated in a concert at the Cultura Inglesa São Paulo - SP, the concert was recorded on video and is available here.

Earlier this year Choro das 3 was on tour in the USA, here's a recorded fragment from the trio's performance in Woods Hole, MA, 9.2.2012 - enjoy!

A Happy New Year - Um feliz ano novo 2013!