Saturday, January 30, 2016

Déo Rian - 70 Anos

Déo Rian & Regional Imperial - Déo Rian - 70 Anos (Pór do Som, 2015)
A new CD celebrating the 70th years anniversary of the great bandolinist Déo Rian (b. 1944) was released last year by Pór do Som, Déo Rian & Regional Imperial- Déo Rian 70 Anos, available for purchase as mp3 download here
Déo Rian & Regional Imperial (promo photo)
The CD contains 14 tracks of delightful choro music in the great tradition from Conjunto Època de Ouro and Jacob do Bandolim, a must-have for every fan of this genuine Brazilian music. Déo Rian and his conjunto are excellent representatives for the classic choro tradition reaching back to the 1940s and the famous Regional of Benedito Lacerda and Pixinguinha, later continued by Canhoto e seu Regional which accompanied Jacob do Bandolim during the 1950s and start of the 1960s until the formation of conjunto Època de Ouro was established in 1964. After Jacob do Bandolim's passing in 1969 Déo Rian became the bandolinist of Època de Ouro and was a regular member of the ensemble until 1977. Déo Rian established his own career on record in 1970 with a LP devoted to music by Ernesto Nazareth and has since released several recordings in his own name, among them two volumes of unissued compositions by Jacob do Bandolim. In 2002, Déo Rian was among the initators of establishing the Instituo Jacob do Bandolim and since 2012 he has held the chair as director. More about Déo Rian's career here 

Déo Rian is accompanied by his Regional Imperial which includes João Camarero (violão de 7 cordas), Edu Guimarães (accordion, piano), Lucas Arantes (cavaquinho), Junior Pita (violão) and Rafael Toledo (pandeiro), some tracks have guest appearance by Aline Silveira (flute), Bruno Rian (violão tenor), Rafael Mallmith (violão) and Marcus Thadeu (percussion). The audio video inserted above is a composition collaborated by Déo Rian and João Camarero titled Déo Rian aos Setenta, which introduces the new CD. Here's another audio video promoting the CD, a composition titled Três Amigos by Jacob do Bandolim/Damázio Baptista in an arrangement by  Déo Rian

Déo Rian and Regional Imperial presented music from the new CD at Festival Sesc Choro da Casa 2015, a video sequence from the concert has been uploaded at YouTube and is inserted here to end this small presentation of the Déo Rian - 70 Anos CD