Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tiago Tunes - Young Bandolim 10 Cordas Talent

Tiago Tunes
I am often amazed by the fact that Brazil keeps fostering so many talented musicians. Unfortunately, many of these talents are mostly unknown outside Brazil, only coincidences seem to determine, if they are discovered by a foreign audience. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier to get exposed in spite of the location. If you are looking for new talented musicians in Brazil, YouTube and Sound Cloud are resources to check out, especially if you are not too familiar with the Brazilian media and the Portuguese language, I think. - Recently I browsed Sound Cloud for streaming audio of contemporary choro to explore what is available and found the playlist for the album shown below here  
CD front - Tiago Tunes (2015)
There are eleven tracks in the playlist displaying the contents of the CD which is the debut recording of Tiago Tunes. Tiago Tunes is the soloist throughout, he plays the bandolim 10 cordas and indeed is a great musician. I have not found much info available about Tiago Tunes, just a few facts telling that he is 18 years of age and from Brasilia, further that he is concidered a bandolim talent at the same high level as Hamilton de Holanda and Jacob do Bandolim a.o.. If you open the single tracks in the playlist in a seperate window, info is available on participating musicians, the musical production and direction is handled by Fernando César and the recordings were made July - October 2014 in Brasilia. The repertoire integrates compositions by Hamilton de Holanda, Jacob do Bandolim and Tiago Tunes and judging from the uploaded tracks, the actual CD definitly is worth acquiring. However, I have not found info where to buy the CD, at least it's not available outside Brazil yet and further not for purchase by online retailers so far. Nevertheless, the CD was presented at a release concert in Brasilia October 1st last year, and from this event has been uploaded some video recordings which I like to share here to give you an impression of a talented, young performer supported by excellent backing musicians.
Tiago Tunes in performance at Clube de Choro, Brasilia
The last track in the playlist of the CD is a solo presentation by Tiago Tunes of Hamilton de Holanda's Capricho de Espanha, a tour-de-force for the bandolim 10 cordas. Here is the version as presented at the release concert of the CD

An up-tempo choro composed by Tiago Tunes, Javali Diletante, was also presented at the release concert.Tiago Tunes is accompanied by Fernando César (violão 7 Cordas), Juninho Alvarenga (cavaquinho), Igor Diniz (double bass) and Valério Xavier (pandeiro)

A couple of compositions by Jacob do Bandolim presented at the concert has also been video recorded and uploaded, here is first Tiago Tunes and ensemble performing Jacob's Doce de Coco

Mexidinha, a polca-choro or mazurka by Jacob do Bandolim, was also presented and is featured in the playlist of the CD

The concert also had a guest performance by Matheus Donato (cavaquinho 5 cordas) who shared solo spots with Tiago Tunes in Um Chorinho em Cochabamba, an up-tempo choro by Eduardo Neves and Rogério Caetano to end the show. Enjoy it here