Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rogério Caetano - Live Recordings With Guests (2017)

Rogério Caetano Convida au Vivo no Rio (Biscoito Fino)
Rogério Caetano is well known for his contribution to the development of the violão 7 cordas in contemporary Brazilian popular music, notable in choro and related genres. He is considered an innovator of the playing style founded by Dino 7 cordas and refined by Raphael Rabello representing the steel string tradition of the violão 7 cordas. Together with Marco Pereira Rogério Caetano worked out a new method for the violão 7 cordas, and he has been awarded with several prizes in Brazil for his work as a musician, arranger, producer and composer. Rogério Caetano has played and recorded together with acclaimed Brazilian artists and released seven CDs under his own name, the latest was issued by Biscoito Fino in August this year (- more info here) 
Rogério Caetano (promo photo from rogeriocaetano.com)
The new CD by Rogério Caetano is part of a series of shows recorded live in Rio de Janeiro where Rogério Caetano has had the opportunity to invite guests for an exclusive performance. Invited guests presented at the CD include Yamandú Costa, Hamilton de Holanda, Silvério Pontes and Ze da Velha, Bebê Kramer, Marco Pereira, Eduardo Neves and Cristóvão Bastos. The CD has fourteen tracks, the mentioned guests are presented in two recordings each. The performances are carried out in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with suitable space for improvisation, and the repertoire is represented by great arrangements of choro and related music. The CD is definitely enjoyable and worth adding to your collection of contemporary, exquisite instrumental Brazilian music. The CD is available for purchase here - Below I'll insert a couple of video recordings of some of the performances that have been uploaded at You Tube, here is first Rogério Caetano in interplay with Hamilton de Holanda in a tune titled Capricho de Luperce composed by Hamilton

Next, Rogério Caetano's Choro Bagual is performed in interplay with Yamandú Costa

Finally, reed player Eduardo Neves is presented with Rogério in his own Vai que é gostoso