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In Mika Kaurismäki's documentary, Brasilrinho, on choro in Rio we are introduced to the practice of gafieira in a couple of scenes. Gafieira is another word for the Brazilian tradition of ballroom performance by orchestra and dancers.
A gafieira band traditionally features a rhythm section consisting of percussion (pandeiro and other hand-played percussion), drums (bateria), bass, along with any variety of horns (saxophone, trombone, clarinet, flute, trumpet), keyboards, guitar, and the unique and lively sound of the cavaquinho. It can range in size from as few as 6 to a full big-band formation.
The gafieira repertoire consists of a variety of rhythms, including samba de gafieira, tango brasileiro, maxixe, habanera, lundu, polca, xotis, and batuque, but also choro.
One of the scenes in Kaurismäki's'Brasileirinho' takes us to a ballroom where reedplayer Paulo Moura leads a small ensemble playing danceable choro and red hot Brazilian swing while the dancefloor is crowded with dancing pairs having a good time. This is an example of the gafiera tradition kept well alive.
Paulo Moura has been a part of this gafieira tradition for several years besides taking part in numerous musical projects and various orchestras inside and outside Brazil.Together with US pianist Cliff Korman he has led a band keeping the gafieira tradition alive and has toured both Brazil and the USA. I found a website devoted to their co-work concerning the gafiera, have a look here to learn more.
Listen to an audio-clip of 'Delicado' perfomed by Moura-Korman's gafiera band by clicking here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo,

I think it is one of the great scenes in the documentary.

Keep swinging


16 September, 2006  
Blogger Daniella Thompson said...

The pianist's name is Cliff Korman, not Chris.

01 October, 2006  

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