Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trio Madeira Brasil

In Mika Kaurismäki's documentary on contemporary choro in Rio de Janeiro, 'Brasileirinho', the Trio Madeira Brasil had a leading role in the musical preparations, performance and final success of the filmed concert by the trio extended with the cream of cariocian choro musicians and guest performers. The Trio Madeira Brasil is Ronaldo do Bandolim (bandolim), Zé Paulo Becker (violão de 6 cordas) and Marcello Goncalves (violão de 7 cordas), all very talented and higly skilled musicians excelling in choro and choro related repertoire.
The trio was formed in 1997 and has performed all over Brazil and outside the country with great success, the members also taking part in other bands and musical projects in between performances by the trio. The trio launched their first album in 1998, which had two nominations for the 1998 Sharp prize for Best Group and the Best Album.
Their secound album is a live-recording of a concert from January 2004, when the trio made a performance at the Teatro Municipal de São Sebastião in São Paulo with guest starring by three top-class musicians of the São Paulo music scene: Laércio de Freitas (piano), Proveta (soprano sax, clarinet) and Toninho Ferragutti (accordion). The band is completed by a rhythm section of Evaldo Guedes (bass), Sérgio Machado (drums) and Beto Cazes (percussion). The recording of the concert is issued by Lua Discos (MCD 283) and is still available. The performed music includes compositions by João do Santos, Jacob do Bandolim, Radamés Gnatalli as well as by members of the group - all very well executed and creating deserved applause by the attending audience.
I highly recommend this live-recording as a great musical experience and yet another sample of the strength and high level of contemporary choro in Brazil.
Soundclips from the recorded concert and a short review available here


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