Saturday, October 21, 2006

Rafael Rabello - Lamentos do Morro

Rafael Rabello (1962-1995) is deservedly considered a virtuoso of the six and seven string guitar. His recorded legacy highligts the development of the guitar choro in Brazil, although Rabello also devoted his talents to other genres of Brazilian music as well. To me he continues the guitar choro tradition from Garoto, and some of his best recordings are his solo renditions of pieces by Garoto.
In 2005 the Acari label released a cd reissue of some recordings by Rabello made in 1988 and first issued in the LP format by the Visom label. Among the recorded tunes are four compositions by Garoto: 'Lamentos do Morro', 'Jorge na Fusa', 'Nosso Choro' and 'Desvairada', all excellent examples of Rabello's virtuosity and personal reading of Garoto's works. The remaining repertoire contains compositions by Pixinguinha/Lacerda ('Ainda me Recordo'), Jacob do Bandolim ('O Vôo da Mosca'), Ernesto Nazareth ('Escovado') and João Pernambuco ('Graúna'), and there is a version of 'Comovida' composed by Guinga, further a co-work by Rabello and Toquinho, 'Pedra do Leme', which features great interplay by Rabello and Chiquinho do Acordeon - also shown off in a duo version of Gnattali's 'Retratos'. On 'Ainda me Recordo' Rabello is accompanied by Dino 7 Cordes, the famous master of the 7-string guitar, the remaining titles have Rabello accompanied by Dininho on string bass.
You may listen to a soundclip of 'Lamentos do Morro' by clicking here
You may also have the opportunity to view a live solo-performance of Rafael Rabello playing 'Lamentos do Morro', click on the link in the headline of this entry or here


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great music !

23 October, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know if there is sheet music for this album?

06 February, 2007  

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