Thursday, October 26, 2006

Zé da Velha & Silverio Pontes

Two of the musicians, who a.o. contributed to the success of the sound-track of Mika Kaurismäki's 'Brasileirinho', are trombonist Zé da Velha and trumpeter Silverio Pontes. The two have teamed and performed together since 1991 when they started a co-work to spread their highly enjoable and danceable renditions of choro and related genres as true masters of the Gafieira tradition in Brazil. Zé da Velha, a member of the old guard, having played with Pixinguinha and other great musicians, provides that trombone sound full of choro swing, drawing the maximum effect from the minimum of notes. Silvério Pontes, 20 years younger, adds a jazz feel to the mix, with his agile melodic inventions.
In 1995 they recorded the album 'Só Gafieira', nominated for the Sharp prize. Their other albums also have been meeting with a lot of praise amongst the aficionados of the genre.
A representative example of their efforts to keep choro and the Gafieira tradition alive and strong is the shown cd from 2001. Tracklist inserted below:
1. Bole-Bole 2. O Bom Filho a Casa Torna 3. Vê Se Gostas 4. Despedida da Mangueira 5. Paciente 6. Revendo O Passado 7. Doce Melodia 8. Tudo Dança 9. Sonhando 10. Pra Machucar Meu Coração 11. Se Você Jurar 12. Vou Deitar E Rolar 13. Rosa
Sound-clips available by clicking here
One of the compositions performed on the cd is 'O Bom Filho a Casa Torna' by Bonfiglio de Oliveira, this tune was also used for the trailer of the 'Brasileirinho' film. We have had a request from one of our readers, if the music has been published as sheet and is available for purchase. Can someone supply info regarding this, please contact us or leave a comment using this blog-facility.


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I like this typically combination of trombone and trumpet !! Great


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