Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Choro Brasil Scandinavia

The Choro Brasil Scandinavia is a group of skilled young musicians, natives from Brasil, Denmark and Sweden. This group made a tour through Scandinavia summer 2005 and Theo and I were so lucky to be invited by Joergen to join a concert by this group at the Mandala in Copenhagen (Denmark)

The group has five members. In the image below you'll find from the left to the right Martin Heap with his 7 string guitar. Such a guitar is named a Violao de 7 Cordas. The bandolim player is Marcilio Lopes and in the middle is Jayme Vignoli, who played the cavaquinho, a kind of small Brasilian guitar. The last two players are Oscar Bolao, the pandeiro player and Mats Andersson, the guitar player.
The music was new for me and it opened for me a new world - a world I didn't knew to exist. I heard this musicans during their concert at Mandala, but also at a jam session later that week in a packed small venue in the center of Copenhagen.

As the members of these groups are living in two different parts of the world I don't think they play together in a regular way, but they make tours now and then. On their website, no longer online, they had posted some great shots, made in Rio de Janeiro in which they played two tunes. Unfortunally the website vanished like the two films. I was happy to find both movies in the great internet list Youtube to share with you. Enjoy the two films:

Noites Cariocas

Um a Zero

The two film were shot in Rio de Janeiro, February 2004. Enjoy it.

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