Monday, December 25, 2006

Francisco Soares de Souza

Francisco Soares de Souza (1905-1986) was born in the Brazilian northeastern state of Ceará. An excellent self-taught guitarist and composer, Soares music follows the outstanding guitar tradition in Brazilian music. With almost fifty compositions written especially for acoustic guitar, Soares' choros are particularly enchanting.
In the latest radio program by Fábio Zanon on Rádio Cultura de São Paulo you may listen to a presentation of some of the compositions by Francisco Soares de Souza, click here to find a track list on Fábio Zanon's blog and to download the program 'O Violão Brasileiro - Os Criadores: Violão no nordeste' featuring music by Francisco Soares de Souza as well as Canhoto da Paraíba.

Classical guitarist Maria do Céu dedicated a cd to some of the works by Francisco Soares de Souza,'Choros do Ceará'(iss. 2000).

Maria do Céu worked with Brazilian renowned guitarist Turíbio Santos in Rio de Janeiro. Since beginning her professional career in 1984, she has played with a variety of groups, including the Orchestra of Acoustic Guitars of Rio de Janeiro and the Quinteto Clássico. She has performed throughout Brazil as well as abroad. Together with Rodrigo Sebastian (bass) and Di Lutgardes (percussion), she dedicated the mentioned cd to the choros of Francisco Soares de Souza.

For more info on the 'Choros do Ceará'-cd, pay a visit to the web of Maria do Céu (- in Portuguese only) here

Listen to sound clips from the cd, download a complete track in mp3 by clicking here


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