Friday, December 29, 2006

Pick of The Year 2006!

This time of the year it's become a custom habit among critics, music magazines and newspapers to point out urgent issues and releases in the different fields of music from the year almost ended. Of course, the music industry, record producers and retailers are on top of their toes to find out and take advantage of the judgements by the various critics and magazine reviews/polls - the market is always open to new investment and release by popular artists. The same old story over again. However, like in other fields of art, it's not always the most popular or best selling item that may be considered having a lasting quality.
In the general war between marketing and quality kept going on by the various trend setters of the market it seems that only survival of the fittest ruels the market and what is considered a sound investment. In this battlefield of commercial interests it's a heroic deed to fight for quality and the release of urgent historical recordings that would not have been issued by major companies considering economic success before anything else.
Thanks to small companies like the German Chanterelle ( that devote their affairs to the release of high quality issues in the field of classical guitar music, sheet as well as recordings, 2006 brought us the release of a cd featuring the historical guitar recordings by Garoto (Chanterelle, CHR 006), made 1950-55 by Ronoel SimÔes in a private recording studio to give Garoto the opportunity to perform and record his own compositions as a soloist in a relaxed atmosphere. These recordings are a true historical document, showing off the artistry of Garoto and the development of the guitar choro into new field, further anticipating the bossa nova and the conception of modern harmony. If you are concerned with the Brazilian guitar tradition, these recording are an absolutly must-have item and the most urgent release of 2006!
I wrote a small review of the mentioned cd at the Guitar Choro pages, click here
I found a video performance by Paulo Bellinati playing two compositions by Garoto in a solo recital

I wish the visitors of this blog a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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