Monday, January 15, 2007

Nilze Carvalho

Only few female performers and musicians devoting their talents and skills to choro are well known outside Brazil. One of them is Nilze Carvalho (- Albenise de Carvalho Ricardo, b.1969), who began performing at age 6, and started her international career at 15. Being a child prodigy on the cavaquinho and bandolim, she made her first recording in 1980 at 11, "Choro de menina" - the first volume of four LP's devoted to choro and choro related music, issued 1981 - 1984 by CID. On the first volume Carvalho is accompanied by members of the famous Epoca da Oure ensemble, well known from numerous recordings by Jacob do Bandolim in the 1960'ies. This first issue by Nilze Carvalho has been released on a cd, still available.

Nilze Carvalho started her international career in 1974 with tours of Europe, Far East and the USA. Later she formated her own ensemble, Sururu na Roda, featuring musicians from Rio da Janeiro. With this group she continued her touring worldwide and also recorded (i.e.Sururu na Roda, CD, 2004).

I found a video performance on YouTube featuring Nilze Carvalho and Hamilton Holland, recorded at a concert in USA.


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You're right, Jo. It's hard to make a choice between Nilze or Betty.

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