Monday, January 08, 2007

Os Ingênuos

This time I like to recommend a cd recording by the choro-ensemble, Os Ingênuos, from Salvador, Bahia of Brazil. Os Ingênuous was formated in 1973 by the seven string guitarist Edson Santos and the pandeiro player Cacau, who have been the mainstays of the group - other members have changed from time to time. On this particular recording from 1992, recorded at Museu de Arte Sacre, Salvador, the remaining members of the group are Alton Reiner (bandolim), Lula Gazinéu (guitar), Jorginho Silva (cavaquinho), Fred Dantas (trombone), Jonatan Nascimento (trumpet) and Rowney Scott (soprano sax).
Os Ingênuos took their name from a well-known choro composition, "Ingênuo", by Pixinguinha - the 'Pope of the choro' as Edson Santos puts it! The repertoire performed by the group on this recording represents a string of pearls from the tradition of classic choro compositions by Nazareth, Pixinguinha, Jacob do Bandolim, K.Ximbinho, W. Azevedo etc., and the performance is impeccable and leaves this listener with a most pleasant experience.
If the choro music genre is new to you, this is a splendid example to lend your ears and engagement. However, even experienced connoisseurs of the choro tradition will enjoy this entertaining recording, I am convinced. Furthermore, the cd has extensive info (in English) on the story of the choro in Brazil by Ricardo Canzio. The cd is released by Nimbus Records (NI 5338) and is still available. Click on headline or here to learn more.


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Hi Joergen. Thanks.
This looks like an album that should be in my choro-collection.


08 January, 2007  

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