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Epoca de Ouro

The Epoca de Ouro is in fact the band that accompanied Jacob do Bandolim.

Jacob was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1918 and became the leading instrumentalist in choro music. He played the bandolim, a kind of mandolin, but it has four double courses of strings and an oval shape. His real name was Jacob Pick Bittencours, but it became Jacob do Bandolim, after the instrument he made famous. In 1961 he formed his group, Epoca de Ouro, which means, Golden Age, to refer to the most important years in choro music. In 1969 Jacob died, but his group survived, with various personel and became an important band in the choro revival tradition.

Deo Rian and Dino Sete Cordas

Thanks to Joergen Larsen, expert in choro music ( founder and editor of this web log) I was pointed to a CD titled Epoca de Ouro - Dino 50 anos. (EMI 214503 ) The recording date for this album is 1987; this CD is a 2003 reissue of the 1987 Copacabana Disco. Dino Sete Cordas, who died last year, 88 years old, featured his 50 years in music then - he started his career in choro in 1937. Never mind - the music is great and it reminds me to the great music made by Jacob do Bandolim in the 1950s and 60s.

The musicians are Dino Sete Cordas of course on the 7 string guitar ( Sete Cordas means seven strings) and Deo Rian on bandolim. Cesar Faria is the guitar player and Jorginho plays the pandeiro. During this concert at least twelve tunes were recorded and are to be found on this great album. The band has some guests during the concert like some wind instruments now and then. The pictures on this web blog could have been made during this occasion.

Cesar Faria, Jorginho do Pandeiro, Jorge Filhoe and Dino Sete Cordas

I found a fragment of a documentary, Choro de Memorias, with some great music, in which Paulinho da Viola shares some remembrances about the family gatherings with Jacob do Bandolim and Pixinguinha. His father is Cesar Faria, who plays te guitar on the CD Dino 50 Anos.

Enjoy Paulinho da Viola's Choro de Memorias

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Hans Koert

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Blogger Jo said...

Thank you, Hans, for this contribution on Epoca de Ouro - one of the most important groups in the choro revival of the 70'ies and 80'ies. The recordings you're refering to were made in 1987 and first issued on LP by Copacabana Discos, released on CD in 2003 by EMI, Brasil, in the series of 'Choro, Grandes Solistas' (CD 5941472).
Thanks also for sharing a great video of some of those famous fellows still kicking.


10 February, 2007  

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