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Raul de Barros

Raul de Barros (Raul de Machado de Barros, b.1915) is considered one of the great Brazilian trombone players. He began his career in 1935 playing in neighborhood and suburban clubs in Rio de Janeiro and later in dance halls.

In 1948 he released his first solo record interpreting on the trombone the choros 'O pobre vive de teimoso' and 'Malabarista', by Donga. In 1949 he released his famous choro 'Na Glória' played solo on the trombone. He performed actively on Nacional Radio programs in the 1950s. He performed in Uruguay and Argentina. In 1955 he and Dilermano Pinheiro released the album 'Trombone zangado'. In 1958, he recorded the album 'Ginga de gafieira'.

In 1966 he was part of the Brazilian delegation to the Black Art Festival in Dakar, Senegal alongside Clementina de Jesus, Ataulfo Alves, Paulinho da Viola and Elton Medeiros, among others. He recorded a solo album in 1974 'Brasil, trombone' which has been released on a cd by EMI/Brasil, shown below.

In 1979 he released the record 'O som da gafieira'. In the album 'O trombone de ouro' recorded in 1983 he interpreted classics such as 'Carinhoso', by Pixinguinha, 'Pedacinhos do céu', by Waldir Azevedo and 'Ela disse-me assim', by Lupicínio Rodrigues. He worked with names such as Ary Barroso, Pixinguinha and Radamés Gnatalli. He played in several orchestras among them Copacabana Palace. After a long time away from the stage, he returned to perform in public in 2004.
I found a bigband performance on YouTube of Raul de Barros' composition 'Na Glória'



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