Sunday, March 11, 2007

Abel Ferreira - Chorando Baixinho

Alvaro Neder writes in AMG:

"One of the most important names in the choro genre, Abel Ferreira had a noted career at the prestigious Rádio Nacional after playing in the orchestras of Vicente Paiva and Bené Nunes. At Rádio Nacional, he became widely known with the Turma do Sereno and the Escola de Danças. Between the '50s and the mid-'60s, he accumulated a good deal of international experience. Throughout that period, the choro genre showed a decrease of interest from audiences, but Ferreira managed to keep himself in good shape, ready to profit on the revival of choro in the '70s as one of the most important names. An excellent improviser, Ferreira had his best moments in recordings with the Cinco Companheiros (where he played with Pixinguinha, among others). His most successful compositions are the choros "Chorando Baixinho" and "Acariciando"."

Recently EMI, Brasil, has released a magnificent cd, "Chorando Baixinho", containing 12 tracks of great choro recordings by Abel Ferreira E Seu Conjunto. The recordings were originally issued on a LP by Odeon, but have now been transferred to cd. I highly recommend this re-issue as a splendid example of Abel Ferreira's choro style. Click on picture for more info.
I found a video fragment featuring a performance of Abel Ferreira's "Chorando Baixinho"

Here's another video fragment featuring singer Nara Leao and Abel Ferreira in a TV performance



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