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Bandolim Pernambucano

In my latest entry I mentioned the first cd by Pedro Amorim, 'Pedro Amorim interpreta Luperce Miranda', released 1999 (- not on Arcari, as stated, but) on the French label BUDA, (CD 82897-2). Now I have had an opportunity to listen to it and below I'll add a few words regarding this great recording.

In Brazilian popular music, there are two schools of bandolim: that of Jacob Pick Bittencourt (aka Jacob do Bandolim), and that of Luperce Miranda. Jacob do Bandolim developed great improvisation skills on the instrument like a jazzplayer, and his sound was to some extent influenced by Portuguese guitar playing. Luperce Miranda was more 'Napolitan', more technical and virtuoso in the classical conception of the instrument. Luperce's expression was not as refined as Jacob's, but he showed great capacity at ornamenting the themes he played - this style of playing is known as the 'Bandolim Pernambucano' school, pointing to its regional origins in Brazil.

Luperce Miranda (1904-1977) was from Recife, Pernambuco. His father had founded a family orchestra with his 11 children. Luperce mastered the bandolim at age 12 and started composing at 15, and at age 16 he formated his own 9 piece band. In 1926 he went to Rio de Jaineiro and was soon involved in recording and radio work, accompanying the stars of the day with his own regional. In 1950 Luperce Miranda toured Europe (Germany), and in 1970 he was awarded "Bachelier da Musica Popular Brasileira". Besides his professional career he was a father of 24 children by 4 different wives (- he led parallel lives).

Pedro Amorim (b.1958), composer and multi-instrumentist (bandolim,cavaquinho, guitar and tenor guitar), started as an athlete and a student in Physical Education before he became a professional musician. He had his debut with the No em Pingo d'Aqua choro ensemble in the early 1980'ies and has since played with a lot of renowned Brazilian artists of MPB, favouring choro and samba as musical genres.

To prepare this recording of pieces by Luperce Miranda, Pedro Amorim listened to the recordings by Luperce and studied available original scores, further he developed his playing technique incorporating licks and tricks from Miranda's attitude to the instrument. Together with a group of skilled musicians he then chose a number of Miranda's pieces representing its diversity of styles. The cd contains both choros, frevo, waltzes, samba, embolada a.o - very well executed and most enjoyable. Recommended, definitely. Tracklist and personnel inserted below.

1.NÉA SORRINDO (frevo),2.PICHADINHO À BAIANA (choro).3.PRINCESINHA (valsa),4.AI MARIA (embolada),5.RESPONDE MOACIR (choro),6.BATE PALMAS (choro),7.BUMBA MEU BOI (côco),8.PINÃO (embolada),9.TEZINHA (valsa),10.REBOLICO (choro),11.SEMPRE TE AMANDO (valsa),12.MARTELANDO (choro),13.QUERIDA (chanson)

Personnel: Pedro Amorim (bandolim); Maurico Carillho (violão); Joao Lyre, Adelma Arcoverde (violão caipira); Chiquinho (acc); Marcos Suzano, Durval (perc); Zeca Assumpcão (b)

To illustrate the Bandolim Pernambucano style of playing, I found a solo-performance on YouTube of a piece by Luperce Miranda, also on the cd

I also found an ensemble performance of another piece by Luperce Miranda, enjoy it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo for sharing us this great bandolim blog. I liked the fragments, especially the second one.

Thanks and ... keep swinging


03 March, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, nice site. Maybe you would like to visit these links, related to choro:
The first one is a small release of Trio Carioca, that will play in France and Holland in March.
The second is a video with an interview with Mauricio Carrilho, about choro.

03 March, 2007  

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