Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mauricio Carrilho

A year ago I made a contribution in my daily web log titled Choro also in Holland? I got a nice respons of Mariângela Guimarães, editor of the website, that want to inform its readers about the cultur in Brazil. Some days ago she contacted me again with information about a great concert of the Trio Carioca at the World Music and Dance Centre in Rotterdam, next week ( 21st of March 2007 - start 20.30 hrs. ). The line-up of the trio will be Paulo Aragao and Mauricio Carrilho on guitars and Pedro Paes on clarinet.

By change, Joergen posted a contribution on his Choro web log yesterday about Altamiro Carrilho, who happens to be Mauricio's uncle. Mauricio was born in a musical family. His father was the famous flute player and composer Altamiro Carrilho. Mauricio started to play the guitar as a kid and studied samba and choro music. In 1977 he started his career in the group the Carioquinhas, with Raphael (guitar) and Luciana Rabello ( cavaquinho). Two years later he entered the Carioca Camerata, directed by Radames Gnattali. In the 1990s he founded his own trio with Peter Amorim and Pablo Sergio Santos. They had a great hit in Brasil and abroad and made him a sought-after guitar player and arranger. He founded the Acari record label in 1999, dedicated to the Choro music.
I found an interview with Mauricio Carrilho you might find interesting ( if you understand French) and some fragments of concerts with Mauricio Carrilho on the guitar. The last one, the tune Mimosa, composed by Jacob do Bandolim has been posted before, but I like it so much that I love to share it for the second time.

A samba

Mimosa ( composed by Jaconb do Bandolim)

Most of the times I'm happy to live in the countryside in the far southwest part of the Netherlands far away from the temptations of the big city. Next week I'd wish I was in Rotterdam ( or Paris, where they play on the 25th), but the next morning 28 children, eager to learn, need all my energy. Thanks Mariângela for pointing me to this great concert and good luck with your
web site.

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Blogger Jo said...

I should like to be at the announced concert, but unfortunately I live at a place too far away from Rotterdam. Anyway, I wish all who will be attending this event a great experience.


18 March, 2007  

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