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Perhaps the best known Brazilian vocal choro (choro-cancão) is 'Carinhoso', composed by Pixinguinha between 1916 and 1917 with added lyrics by João de Barro some time later. Because of the negative reactions of critics who charged the piece as being under the influence of Jazz, Pixinguinha did not release it for ten years. In the 1930s and 1940s it was a fovorite of popular crooners, including Orlando Silvo a.o.. The tune has since become one of the most well-known popular songs in Brazil and is often requested by audiences who want to sing along.
To celebrate the 110th anniversary of Pixinguinha and Dia Nacional de Choro in Brazil on April 23th this blog entry offers the opportunity to view three different versions of 'Carinhoso'. If you want to read the lyrics, click on headline or here
The first version of 'Carinhoso' is an instrumental solo performance by an accomplished guitarist, enjoy Paulinho´s rendition here

The next version of 'Carinhoso' has the lyrics, here performed by Paulinho da Viola & Marisa Monte

The last version of 'Carinhoso' to be viewed here is an extract from Kaurismekki's documentary "Brasileirinho", featuring Yamandú Costa on guitar and the attending public singing the lyrics, enjoy this highlight from the mentioned documentary



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Jo, to make a blog about one of my favourite tunes. I like the three fragments.

Keep swinging


21 April, 2007  

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