Friday, April 13, 2007

Choro das tres

Some time ago I posted a couple of video-performances featuring the charming choro ensemble, Choro das tres. Now I found three more videos that I like to share with you. Learn more about Choro das tres from their website, click here or on headline.

Enjoy a performance by Choro das tres playing "Serpentina"

Also enjoy a video recording from a radio studio, the tune performed is "A ginga do Mané" by Jacob do Bandolim

Finally, also enjoy a performance of Benedito Lacerda's "Boneca" by the talented young flutist of Choro das tres at a concert recently



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Jo for sharing these chsrming ladies ( and the other band members). I like this band.

Keep swinging


13 April, 2007  

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