Friday, August 31, 2007

A Homage To Jacob do Bandolim

The musical legacy of Jacob do Bandolim (1918-1969) is still an important part of the music scene in Brazil. Recently I learned from a Brazilian music news blog that a new cd featuring compositions of Jacob do Bandolim has just been released. The cd is the result of a co-work between the renowned arranger and pianist, Laércio de Freitas, and the talented young master of the violão, Alessandro Penezzi. Outside Brazil Laércio de Freitas is perhaps best known for his work as an arranger for the famous Orchestra Tábajara (- one of the World's oldest big bands still playing and touring) and from his co-operation with the Radamés Gnattali Sextet as a pianist. More info about the career of Laércio de Freitas is to be found in a short profile (- in Portuguese only) published in a preview of the cd fearuting music by Jacob do Bandolim, click here

Alessandro Penezzi (b.1974) has already launched a solo career as an excellent guitarist, often participating in rodas de choro and having released more cds that have been received well by critics as well as by the public. Learn more about Alessandro Penezzi from his official website (- in Portuguese only) including video and audio clips, click here
The cd by Laécio de Freitas and Alessandro Penezzi, "Homenageia Jacob do Bandolim" (Maritaca, M1023), contains 13 tracks including both well known pieces (i.e. "Ginga do Mané", "Velhos Tempos" and "Simplicidade") and lesser known ( i.e."Boas vidas", "Chorinho na praia") by Jacob do Bandolim - tracklist available clicking headline. The cd was released in Brazil in July and will be available in the US and Europe during September, however, you may order it already using the online facility of Samba Store.
I found a video on YouTube featuring de Freitas and Penezzi recorded at the release event of the cd paying homage to the music of Jacob do Bandolim. Enjoy it!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing us to this new CD with a musical tribute to Jacob do Bandolim.
The video clip didn't convince me as the sound quality wasa not very good, so I hope to hear more from Alessandro Penezzi as a solo guitar player later !!

Keep swinging


02 September, 2007  

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