Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mike Marshall - Hamilton de Holanda

This time I want to share with you two great mandolin players that I found in a YouTube fragment: Mike Harshall and Hamilton De Holanda. Mike Marshall is a skilled musican, master of mandolin, guitar and violin in various styles from jazz to classical to bluegrass to Latin music. He is active for many years and performed a few years ago with Hamilton de Holanda, the young bandolim player from Brazil, who combines choro and jazz music to a new personal contemporary style in music. He was one of the musicians to be heard at the North Sea Jazz Festival. I really enjoyed the concert. The fragment of a performance I want to share with you was recorded some times ago during a concert. It became a spontanious kind of fight of the mandolins that you should see - a mandolin contest between to skilled musicians. Enjoy it.

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Keep swinging

Hans Koert


Blogger Jo said...

Thanks a lot, Hans, for this great contribution on two contemporary masters of the bandolim.


10 August, 2007  

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