Thursday, September 20, 2007

Alessandro Penezzi

I found this great CD made by the Brazilian guitar player Alessandro Penezzi, titled Abismo de Rosas. Alessandro Penezzi was born in Piracicaba, a large city near Sao Paulo February 1974. He started to play the guitar when he was just a kid and when he was 13 years old he became a professional. He studied the cavaquinho, a kind of ukulele, but the guitar became his major instrument. In 2001 he became part of the Quintessencia Trio with Aleh Ferreira on the bandolim and Julio Cerezo Ortiz on the violoncello. With this trio he won an important Brazilian music price in the instrumental category.
With the trio he toured to the USA, Russia and Angola, where he performed. He became a sought after arranger and guitar player in groups like the Orquestra Jazz Sinfônica do Estado de São Paulo

In 2001 he recorded his album Abismo de Rosas which contains several classical Brazilian choro tunes like Brasileirinho originally composed by Waldir Azevedo, O vôo da mosca a Jacob do Bandolim composition and Primeiro amor a Patápio Silva tune.
Being fasinated by choro music I loved this album very much and I'm happy I can show you some fragments of this great guitar player.
I found four fragments, I love to share. The one I like the most is, maybe, the last one as it shows a ronda, an informal social meeting of Brazilian musicians who play the choro. This one was made during a birthday celebration. I like that !!. The first one is a small documentary (in Portuguese ) about Penezzi's career, and he plays some great music on it. The second and third fragment are from a performance of his trio, ( Ricardo Herz on the guitar, Alessandro Penezzi on the violão 7 cordas (seven string guitar) and Danilo Brito on the bandolim.) You can hear 1 x 0, a popular Pixinguinha compostion and Cochichando. I hope you'll become as fascinated as I am about this great choro music.

This contribution was also posted in the Dutch and English language at the Keep swinging web log.

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Hans Koert


Blogger Jo said...

Thank you, Hans, for posting this contribution at the choro-blog, too. - Alessandro Penezzi is a great master of the violão, and his debut solo cd mentioned in the text is an excellent example of the various sources of Brazilian music tradition that have inspired his great playing. Penezzi includes music from essential landmarks in the violão tradition of Brazil as well as compositions by choro greats like Pixinguinha and Jacob do Bandolim, all well arranged and performed. A favorite album of mine, too, indeed!
Thanks also for sharing the great video performances featuring Penezzi - great stuff!

20 September, 2007  

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