Friday, October 12, 2007

Immortal choro

In the long story of choro there are several pieces that have become immortal compositions and continue to challenge and be a part of the standard repertoire interpreted and performed by new generations of choro groups. Among these compositions belongs a piece by the great female choro composer, Chiquinha Gonzaga - her "Corta-jaca" from 1897 became an instant success with the public and other choroães and has since been performed and recorded by numerous artists devoting their chops to choro. Originally a piece for solo piano, the "Corta-jaca" some times also is known as "Gaucho", as the music is inspired by and incorporates elements of a dance style associated with rural gauchos dancing. - I found a solo piano reading of "Corta-jaca", here performed by a female pianist, enjoy it!

Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga, known as "Chiquinha", (1847-1935) was the first important female composer and performer of popular music in Brazil. Gonzaga was the first female to be allowed attending the social and musical fraternity of choro musicians, helped by her friend Joaquin Calado - the first composer of music in the choro style. Chiquinha started composing in the choro style too and had success with the piece "Corta-jaca", as mentioned above. Later she would be engaged in composing and arranging music for the popular theater. By the time of her death in 1935, her musical works included a great number of theater pieces as well as sacred music, besides popular music including maxixes, marches and choros. Her legacy as an important composer of Brazilian popular music continues today.- Learn more about Chiquinha Gonzaga at the official website devoted to her legacy, click here

Let's celebrate the 160th anniversary of Chiquinha Gonzaga on October the 17th by enjoying a performance of two more of her compositions. I found two video fragments featuring pianist Talitha Peres recorded in concert. The first video is a performance of Gonzaga's "Atraente"

The secound video featuring pianist Talitha Peres from the same concert is a performance of the piece "Faceiro"

João Teixeira Guimarães (1883-1947), known as João Pernambuco, is another immortal choro composer, especially renowned among guitarists for his delightful pieces for the violão. His composition "Sons de Carrilhões", a choro-maxixe, has become a standard with guitarists exelling in playing choro solo guitar. Let's remember the 60th anniversary of the passing away of João Pernambuco on October the 16th by enjoying two different versions of the immortal "Sons de Carrilhões", inserted below. - More info on João Pernambuco is to be found in a recently uploaded website, devoted to his legacy (- in Portuguese and Italian language only, unfortunately), click here
The first performance of "Sons de Carrilhões" features classical guitar by Carlos Barbosa-Lima and Berta Rojas in a duo version of the piece

The secound performance features the Diego Figueiredo Trio in a 'hot' version of "Sons de Carrilhões" - hope you to enjoy!



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