Friday, January 11, 2008

Frevo 100 Anos

Brazil North East, especially the region of Pernambuco, is rich in traditional music and dances. Frevo (- means “I’m boiling”), is probably the most Pernambucan of all. Like choro, frevo is closely related to the samba, and has grown and adapted into a more modern sound. Musically the frevo is in the form of a march but is distinguished by its characteristic fast syncopation played in a very fast, binary tempo.

Frevo has its origins in the repertoires of the military bands in the second half of the 19th century, in Recife. The maxixe, the Brazilian tango, the quadrille, the gallope, and more particularly, the military two-step and the polka, somehow became combined into a form of hybrid dance, the result of which was - frevo. It is a creation of the Recife carnival, which is celebrated every year - 2007 was announced the century of frevo.
Frevo dancers, called passistas, usually wear bright, shiny, multi-coloured costumes and carry small umbrellas. The dancing itself features very high jumps. Frevo-de-Rua, the most common meaning of the word "frevo", is an instrumental style, played in a fiery fast tempo with brass instruments. A well-known Frevo-de-Rua tune is called "Vassourinhas", I found a video featuring an accomplished guitarist performing this in a great solo version

Frevo de Bloco is also sung and often performend with string instruments. Capiba (1904-1997) was the most famous composer in this style. I found a video performance of a Capiba composition by the same guitar player as above. Enjoy his solo rendition of Capiba's "Madeira que Cupim Não Rói"

To end this small celebration of frevo as adapted by a solo guitar I insert yet another video performance by the above featured player. "Valores do Passado" is a frevo composed by Edgar Moraes and has most of the characteristics of this Pernambucan music style. Again there is a delay between image and audio, however, hope you to enjoy the music, anyway



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Thanks Jo, introducing us to this style of music !!

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