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Dilermando Reis Revisited

Dilermando Reis (1916-1977) is deservedly considered one of the most important guitarists in Brazil after Garoto. He began his career in the 1930s, when he moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro. There he gave guitar lessons at the 'Bandolim de Ouro' and 'A Guitarra de Prata' music stores and made the acquaintance of fellow educator João Pernambuco. He worked sporadically at Radio Guanabara and in 1945 formed the regional for the Radio Club of Brazil that included Waldir Azevedo on cavaquinho. In 1956, he signed a contract with Rádio Nacional, where he remained until 1969. He recorded many successful LPs of his own compositions and arrangements, and in 1970 Radamés Gnattali dedicated his 'Concerto #1' to Reis, who recorded it that same year. In 1972, he recorded the LP 'Dilermando toca Pixinguinha' (- re-issued on cd, see picture below) containing arrangements of well known pieces by Pixinguinha in a duo setting - one of the most successful choro recordings before the revival and still highly recommended.- Dilermando Reis also gave concerts abroad and has been featured on TV in the USA. He had many students, both professional and amateur guitarists, the most famous actually was the president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitschek!

Dilermando Reis composed many solo pieces for guitar, including choros and waltzes, below I insert some examples uploaded at YouTube. I also point to the progam by Fábio Zanon devoted to Dilermando Reis in his 'O Violão Brasileiro' series at Rádio Cultura, SP (- click on headline to learn more about the mentioned program featuring audio samples by Reis, the progam may be downloaded at Zanon's blog).

One of Reis' most popular pieces probably is 'Xodó da Baiana', here performed in a duo setting by Alessandro Penezzi & Caio Oliveira

As mentioned above, Dilermando Reis also composed waltzes, here is an example of one of his well know pieces, 'Uma valsa e dois amores', performed by the accomplished Ovidiov

A typical choro by Reis is his 'Dr. Sabe Tudo', here performed by Ovidiov



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Thanks Jo to point us to the music of Dilermando Reis, a musician that deserves more recognition.

Keep swinging


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