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Elizeth Cardoso

A couple of days ago Hans Koert published a great contribution regarding Elizeth Cardosa and a famous concert/live-recording from 1968 at the keepswinging-blogspot

Enjoy it here in the English version as the entry for the comming week.

On the 19th of February 1968, fourty years ago, Elizeth Cardoso, one of the great vocalists of Brazil, performed in concert with the man who discovered her, Jacob Bittencourt, better known as Jacob do Bandolim. This concert, which featured the Zimbo Trio and Jacob's Época de Ouro, was recorded and released on the album Elizeth Cardoso, Jacob do Bandolim, Zimbo Trio & Época De Ouro. ( Museu Da Imagem E Do Som ).

Elizeth Cardoso was born in Sáo Francisco Xavier near Rio de Janeiro in July 1920. As a five years old girl she was already performing on stage, but her life changed when she was discovered as a 16 years old girl by Jacob do Bandolim, who invidted her to perform for Rádio Gunanabara. She became a celebrated radio star and performed during the 1930s and 1940s with a big orchestra, but she had to wait until the early 1950s before she had a big hit of her own with the tune Cancao de Amor, composed by Chocolate and Elano de Paula. I found an instrumental version played by Caetano Veloso I love to share with you.

The album, Elizeth Cardoso, Jacob do Bandolim, Zimbo Trio & Época De Ouro contains fragments of the program at the Teatro Joao Caetano in Rio de Janeiro, the 19th of February 1968, fourty years ago, with Jacob do Bandolim on ...... bandolim (what's in a name?) with Jacob's band Época de Ouro, featuring Dino on the 7-string guitar, Carlos Leit, nicknamed Carlinhos on guitar, Jonas Silva on the cavaquinho and Gilberto D' Avilla on the pandeiro. On some tracks Elizeth is accompanied by her Zimbo Trio, featuring Hamilton Godoy at the piano, Luiz Chavas on the bass and Rubinho on percussion. I found a 1970 fragment where you can hear Elizeth Cardoso singing Sei La Mangueira.

During the period of this concert Elizeth Cardoso was the star in several TV programs and shows, like Rosa de Ouro. On the album you can find a selection from that show in Seleção do musical. I can let you listen to one of the tracks to be heard on the album, titled Barracão, where you can hear Jacob do Bandolim accompany her sweet voice. Elizeth passed away May 1990 as one of the great divas of Brazilian music.


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