Friday, March 21, 2008

Guitar Choro Request

Some weeks ago I had a request from a regular visitor of this blog regarding sheet music of choro for (acoustic) guitar/violão. I am still investigating what has been published for purchase and is still available, I'll post a message about this issue later, when I have gathered some more info. - However, if you are searching for guitar choro sheet music on the web, I like to point you to a great resource site, managed by Dirk Meineke, simply named Dirk's Guitar Page
In the section devoted to Latin Guitar Music you'll find several guitar choro compositions transcribed in music and tablature, available as free pdf files for download, sound files in midi also available (- you'll need a Windows Media Player to play the audio). The files are free for personal use and study only, not for commercial distribution, please mind this!
I insert the links to a couple of the available files at Dirk's Guitar Page.
"Guitar Choro" by Mario Gangi, .pdf document here - sound file (midi) here
"Choro" by Raul Maldonado, .pdf document (zip-file) here - sound file (midi) here


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