Friday, April 04, 2008

Marco de Pinna - Ginga de um Bandolim

Master of the bandolim and tenor-guitar, Marco de Pinna was one of the founders of the group "Nó em Pingo D'água" in 1977. He recorded his first LP in 1985 which featured guest appearances by Radamés Gnattali and Orlando Silveira.
Since 1997, Marco has been teaching in the Brazilian music course "California Brazil Summer Camp", in San Francisco (USA). In 1999 he participated in the CD "Velha Guarda da Mangueira", indicated for the Grammy 2000 Premium, and in the soundtrack to director Zelito Viana's film "Villa Lobos: A Life of Passion".
Marco de Pinna has performed with numerous stars of MPB and since 2000 he has been a member of the group Feitio de Oração that specializes in a repertoire of samba and choro, performing both in Brazil and abroad. Learn more about Feitio de Oração from their official website, to be reached clicking here
More about Marco de Pinna at MusicExpress, including free downloads of music in mp3, click here
Several videos featuring Marco da Pinna are uploaded at You Tube, click here
I insert a performance of 'Ginga de um Bandolim' below



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Thank you Jo for sharing this great musician.

Keep swinging


05 April, 2008  

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