Friday, May 02, 2008

Choro das 3 on Radio UOL

Some time ago I promissed to review the first cd released by the choro group Choro das 3 when I had my copy in house, however, my ordered copy never showed up. My disappointment with the retailer's lack of service at this point, however, was put aside when I visited the new updated official webside of Choro das 3

Besides having a new design the websides also leaves the visitor with the opportunity of listening to the cd by this excellent young choro ensemble at full length from Radio UOL on the internet. Follow the link in the multimedia menu at the website to hear the cd.

It's a thrill to be listening to these joyous renditions of classic choro by Choro das 3, and I hope the listener of the streaming audio from Radio UOL will buy the cd, if possible, to support a talented ensemble that derserves support by all true lovers of choro.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has been some time that I have visited the Choro das 3 hompage, and I definitvely will visit it again within the next days to listen to the CD and look what's new. The videos by Choro das tres on youtube are really excellent! Thanks for this topic!

08 May, 2008  

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