Friday, June 13, 2008

Diego Figueiredo

Diego Figueiredo, guitarist, producer and orchestral arranger, is a rising star among a new generation of excellent Brazilian performers. Having won second place at the Gibson Guitar Competition of Montreux Jazz Festival 2007 (he was also at the top 3 in the same contest in 2005), Diego Figueiredo is considered to be one of the greatest guitar players in the world today.

Diego Figueiredo was born 1980 in Franca, São Paulo State, and started playing 4 years old. At 12 he was already getting local recognigtion, at 15 he had had conquered audiences all over Brazil playing solo or with renowned musicians. He has recorded several albums, solo or in collaboration, and he has toured Brazil, US and Europe with great success. Next month he will tour various European festivals and record during his stay in Denmark. - Learn more about Diego Figueiredo from his official web that also includes a discography, tour schedule, audio and video material, click headline or here

In the context of choro and related music styles it is a marvellous experience to watch Diego Figueiredo mastering the roots of authentic Brazilian music in an updated version, showing off his virtuosity at ease as well as revealing his jazz influence and improvisation skills. I found a couple of uploaded videos at YouTube inserted below that have Diego performing classic choro tunes in a trio setting.

Here is a performance of "Brejeiro" by Ernesto Nazareth with Diego Figueiredo on amplified guitar, Alexandre Piu (keys) and Marcílio Garcetti (pandeiro)

From the same live-concert, here is a performance of a medley of "Tico-tico" & "Apanhei-te cavaquinho"

The last video this time is a solo performance by Diego Figueiredo playing "Carinhoso"



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