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Dois de Ouro

Hamilton de Holanda (b.1976) was a prodigy child, he has confirmed his virtuosic talent at the bandolim, an instrument he has explored with success at the same high level as Jacob do Bandolim did earlier. Moving with his family to Brasília at the age of one, de Holanda was presented with a bandolim by his grandfather when was five. Hamilton de Holanda's father, a choro violonista, boosted the nascent talent of Hamilton and his brother Fernando César de Holanda (violão 7 cordas). Ever since they were very young, they started playing with competent choro musicians of Brasília; the two of them soon became good enough to form a duo, christened as Dois de Ouro.
Hamilton de Holanda studied violin while still a child at the Escola de Música de Brasília. In 1995 he was awarded as best interpreter in the II Choro Festival of Rio de Janeiro State. In the same festival his choro "Destroçando a Macaxeira" won second place. In 1998 he got third place in the Prêmio Visa de MPB Instrumental. He Recorded three albums with the Dois de Ouro.

The shown cd was the first release by Dois de Ouro, issued 1997 and containing Hamilton's choro composition "Destroçando a Macaxeira" together with 13 more pieces in the choro tradition. The duo is accompanied by violão, cavaquinho and pandeiro making up a traditional regional choro ensemble, Hamilton takes the role as soloist and fulfills it with precise attack and skilled improvisation on the bandolim. Learn more about the contents of the cd from the official website of Hamilton de Holanda, click here
You have the opportunity to download a couple of the tunes from MusicExpress in mp3, click here

To give you an impression of the inspiration from playing in a duo, I insert a couple of video fragments featuring Hamilton de Holanda as soloist. The first is from a live concert together with Yamandú Costa in a performance of Yamandú's choro, "Meiga"

The second video features Hamilton de Holanda and Daniel Santiago (violão) in a studio performance of Hamilton's "Pra siempre"



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Thanks Jo for pointing the readers of this blog to this great bandolim player, hamilton de Holanda. You must have known that you did do me a great pleasure to post this contribution as I love his playing. I was at a performance of Hamilton de holanda one year ago at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, where he played with his group. You find images on:

Keep swinging


06 June, 2008  

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