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Paola Picherzky, 18 Choros de Armando Neves

In the vast Brasilian repertoire composed for the solo violão the works of Armandinho (Armando Neves, 1902-1976) stand out as exemplary samples of music that evolve the choro in a most suitable way for the instrument and with a conception of harmony and melody reflecting both nostalgia and modernism. Like the compositions of João Pernambuco the works of Armandinho have been almost unknwon by the public for decades. The cd shown above, however, reestablish Armandinho among the great composers of choros for the solo violão containing 18 examples of his works within the genre as arranged and played by Paola Picherzky.

Paola Picherzky, who is a member of the higly estimated erudite guitar quartet Quaternaglia since 2007 and a professor of the violão at the Faculdade de Música Santa Marcelina, São Paulo, has researched and transcribed Armandinho's choros for solo violão, and the recorded 18 examples are extremely well executed and a sheer pleasure to be listening to, very balanced and further a top audio quality production - a highly recommended cd that finally may open the ears of the public for the music of Armando Neves. Click on picture of cd to see tracklist and learn more about Paola Picherzky from profile at MySpace and from the website of Quaternaglia.

Armando Neves (Armandinho) (1902-1976) is one of the most important figures of choro developed in the city of São Paulo. Learning to play the violão by ear, he never learned music theory. Initially a soccer player, he worked as a professional for Ponte Preta and Guarani. When he switched to the Corinthians he was relocated to the city of São Paulo, and in 1919 abandoned soccer. In that city, he studied violão with his brothers, José Matoso and Joaquim Matoso, and in 1926 with Larosa Sobrinho. Musically illiterate, his gifted intuition allowed him to write sophisticated compositions.

In 1926, Sobrinho took him to Rádio Educadora Paulista, where Armandinho formed the first regional of the city of São Paulo. The group participated in the first radio broadcast between Rio and São Paulo that year. The next year, he joined 'Os Turunas Paulistas', a group led by violão virtuoso Canhoto (Américo Jacomino) who was considered the best of the period. In 1928, he performed with João Pernambuco, João dos Santos, Levino da Conceição, and others. In this year he assumed direction of the Rádio Record group, remaining there until 1956, a period when the radio enjoyed local projection. In 1930 he played for Paraguayan virtuoso violonista Agustin Barrios and recorded two 78 rpms through Parlophon with Larosa Sobrinho. An accomplished accompanist, Armandinho recorded just one solo album, a 78 for Decelith, in 1938.
(Info excerpted from a profile by Alvaro Neder in AMG)

To end this entry I insert three examples of choros composed by Armando Neves, here performed by Ovidiov, the first video featuring the best known of Neves' choros, 'Choro no 2'

The next choro performed by Ovidiov is 'Choro no 3' by Armando Neves

The final video this time features Ovidiov playing the choro 'Gurú' by Armandinho Neves -enjoy!



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What a nice music!
Also I hope you keep up this good work.

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