Monday, June 27, 2011

Roda de Samba e Choro

Brazilian Summer Sessions
Nelson Latif
(Brazilian Cavaquinho player)
Nelson Latif is a Brazilian cavaquinho player and guitarist, who lives both in Brazil and Amsterdam and pointed me to a great Roda de Samba e Choro which is scheduled as part of the Brazilian Summer Sessions during the summer season in the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, the 2nd of July, 2011. Nelson Latif forwarded a small introduction about what a Roda de Choro is and he loved to share it with you at this Choro-music blog, which celebrates its 5th birthday this month.

A roda de samba e choro (photo courtesy Nelson Latif)
The Rodas de Samba e Choro are informal and unpredictable events, where musicians gather in a circle around a table to improvise samba and chorinho, combining personal and collective flair.
A roda de samba e choro (photo courtesy Nelson Latif)
From the raw drumming to the refined choro, from candomblé to capoeira, the roda is the most primordial format of the Brazilian cultural manifestations, a direct heritage of the Brazilian African roots.

The rodas de samba serve as schools for many Brazilian musicians as an open space where singers challenge each other, talent turns into legend, composers try out new creations and the Brazilian music renews itself.
A roda de samba e choro (photo courtesy Nelson Latif)

In the Brazilian Summer Sessions 2011, musicians from both nationalities will interpret traditional and modern themes and styles.
Singers and musicians from existing groups – or meeting for the first time – will bring to the Dutch audience the flavor and mood of this so important Brazilian way of experience popular music.
Nelson Latif and friends

Choro music in the Netherlands:
There are but few venues in The Netherlands where you can enjoy an original Brazilian Roda de Choro. In Rotterdam Marijn Van Der Linden organized two times a month ( the first and third Sunday) a Roda de choro in Taberna Tia Piri Piri and the 't Syndicaat in The Hague seems also a venue with regular Choro concerts. Please inform about the dates to come.
This Summer Nelson Latif organizes a roda de samba e choro at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. The concert has veen scheduled the 2nd of July, 2011.
Hans Koert

Deze bijdrage wordt ook gepubliceerd op de Keep Swinging blog.


Blogger Jo said...

Thank you to Nelson Latif for pointing us to the roda de samba e choro, an event I should like to join, if I had the opportunity to be around. Anyway, I hope this event and similar will open the ears of the public for a unic Brazilian social gathering - and the music, of course.

28 June, 2011  

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