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Tresafinado & Guests In Concert

 The Danish-Brazilian trio, Tresafinado (Pia Kaufmanas, (flute),Torsten Borbye Nielsen (g), Afonso Corrêa (perc)) has just been on tour in Denmark for concerts and conducting workshops at the coservatory performing and informing about choro. Tresafinado was accompanied by four Brazilian aces of choro at the tour: Mauricio Carrilho (violão 7 cordas), Luciana Rabello (cavaquinho), Pedro Aragão (bandolim, cavaco) and Nailor Proveta (clarinet). The tour was a follow-up of a co-work between Tresafinado and the mentioned Brazilian musicians in making of the cd, Lúdico, that was released last year and recorded in Rio at Acari Records' studio 2010. The cd has been reviewed in an earlier entry at this blog, click here 

 In 2008 Tresafinado was invited to participate in the ”IV Festival Nacional de Choro” in Brazil, which inspired guitarist Torsten Borbye Nielsen to compose several choros that were enthusiastically received by the Brazilian audience during the trio's performance and praised by the well known musician and producer, Mauricio Carrilho. The result of this was that Tresafinado was invited to Rio in March 2010 to record some of this material at the shown cd. The tour of Denmark in January 2012 presented music from the cd together with new compositions by Torsten Borbye Nielsen and Mauricio Carrilho. One of the concerts was recorded by Danish Radio and will  be available in streaming audio at the DR website, check uploaded concerts here - I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the recorded concert, which took place in a location of my region (Tønder Museerne, arr. Tønderegnens Musikforening). The location was a perfect frame of the concert that had an audience of c. 80 attending individuals. The musicans and the audience had a positive and friendly contact right from the start and the performance gradually gained an intimate atmosphere and excited applause during the 2 hrs concert. - The concert was in 2 parts, and the progam of the performed music contained a repertoire reflecting the diversity of choro, both the historical dimension and the contemporary tradition of choro was presented by the seven skilled musicians. The program started with a performance of two pieces composed by guitarist Torsten Borbye Nielsen, "Lembrancas de São Pedro" and "Doctor Pedro", the last mentioned a first-time presentation. The ensemble continued with a reading of Jacob do Bandolim's "Vibracoes" featuring Pedro Aragão playing lead on bandolim and sharing solo with the flute and clarinet.

 The program continued with a duo performance of "Choro No. 1" by Villa-Lobos featuring Torsten Borbye Nielsen on lead guitar accompanied by Mauricio Carrilho on 7-string  guitar, then followed by an ensemble reading of "De bem com a vida", a composition by Luciana Rabello showcasting the cavaquinho as lead voice.
 Next was a reading of "Arranca Toco", a choro by Jayme Florence (Meira) leaving space for exchanging of solo spots and the performance then continued with "Maxixe pro Afonso", a composition by Mauricio Carrilho dedicated to the percussion player of the ensemble, Afonso Corrêa. First part of the concert ended with two more first-time presentations, "Reflexão" by Torsten Borbye Nielsen and Maurico Carrilho's "Choro na Danmarks Radio".

 The second part of the concert started with three pieces by Torsten Borbye Nielsen from the Lúdico-cd, "Pipocou!", Valsa pro Proveta" and "Maria" - the valsa is dedicated to Nailor Proveta, who was featured soloist on clarinet.

Next followed three up-tempo choros, "A Fiddler in Rio" by Svend Asmussen, "Remexendo" by Radamés Gnattali and "Bole-Bole" by Jacob do Bandolim - all three pieces well performed and causing a big applause from the audience. The last three pieces of the program had yet another first-time presentation by Torsten Borbye Nielsen, a maxixe titled"Cancão Feliz", further Mauricio Carrilho's "Koala" and the title tune of the mentioned cd, "Lúdico". The performance of the music presented in the concert was very well and enthusiastically received by the audience, the standing applause at the end of the program called for an 'extra' and the ensemble payed off with an excellent performance of Pixinguinha's "Cochiando" - a successfull concert had come to an end, luckily saved by Danmarks Radio that broadcasted the recorded full concert on January 18th and will  have it uploaded in streaming audio at their website , see above for the link.

Personally, I like to express my gratitude to Tresafinado and their Brazilian guests for a great concert, it's a sheer joy to experience choro played live, and when the performance is on such a high level as produced by these very skilled musicians you cannot find a better expression of gratitude than: Thank you! - I also like to thank Mauricio, Luciana, Pedro and Proveta for our small conversation during the break and after the concert, great meeting you in person and hoping to keep in contact. Thanks again!



Anonymous Hans said...

Thanks Jo,

This must have been a great experience joining this ocncert - I'd wished I had been there too.


22 January, 2012  

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