Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Choro News

The "Rainha do choro"/"Queen of Choro", Ademilde Fonseca passed away on March 27th, 91 years old. Ademilde Fonseca died of a heart attack, she will forever be remembered as a unique singer, an expressive and original interpreter of choro and related Brazilian popular music. An obituary in Portuguese and English is available here. R.I.P.
If you are searching YouTube for Brazilian music, I recommend a visit to the BRAZILIAN MUSIC channel by SenhorDaVoz, click here. - The channel has uploaded c.1900 videos and contains both audio takes of recorded music and video recordings of TV programs.The channel has generated playlists to make the navigation easier. In the playlist for Jacob do Bandolim I was surprised to find some uploaded videos of private audio recordings featuring Jacob do Bandolim, a couple of them taped from radio programs and some from the home of Jacob. Below I insert a video take of a radio performance, Jacob do Bandolim and his conjunto playing "Soluçando" by Cândido Pereira da Silva

Next week, April the 23th, Dia Nacional do Choro commemorating Pixinguinha's birthday will be celebrated all over Brazil and other places where choro and Brazilian culture is an integrated part of local culture. Be shure to check out local media for information on events in your area.Here at the blog we will mark choro day by commemorating Ademilda Fonseca and her great recording debut of "Tico-tico no fubá" from 1942 - enjoy the "Rainha do choro"/"Queen of Choro"

Summertime is coming closer this part of the Earth, and if you haven't planned your summer holidays yet, a great option may be to join a week of Summer School learning to play choro. The Dartington International Summer School of Music, England, offers a course of choro 11-18 August directed by João Bosco de Oliveira, more info to be found at the organisation's website, click here


Anonymous Hans said...

Thanks Jo for pointing us to this Choro news - I gues it's good that the Choro blog informs its visitors about joyful, but also sad news.

17 April, 2012  

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