Thursday, October 25, 2012

Update of The Ernesto Nazareth 150 Years Website

We had the following message from Alexandre Dias, which we would like to share with readers of this blog:

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that the Images section of the Ernesto Nazareth 150 Years website now is online!

Here you will have access to over 250 images related to Nazareth, coming mainly from the collections of José Ramos Tinhorão / IMS, the Ernesto Nazareth Collection / IMS, and the collection of biographer Luiz Antônio de Almeida . All photos are available in high resolution. Clicking on the categories (such as "music houses" and "cinema") pictures will be assorted for easier viewing.

Another section that also just entered the website is a listing of unprecedented discs entirely devoted to Nazareth:

I do this research since 1999, you will have access to the covers of all discs, and all the information on each disc. There are 65 items, LPs, CDs and DVDs from the 1950s to the present, which gives an important measure of the scope of work of Nazareth. The vast majority of these recordings can be heard in full length in the Discography section:

Further, the blog site already has many texts addressing different facets of the work of Nazareth, and extensive research on the maxixe fever abroad in 1914.

We hope this will generate a good nazarethiana experience to everyone!
Alexandre Dias
Thank you, Alexandre, for your great work - keep it up!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Jo for introducing us to this great archive.


25 October, 2012  
Blogger Alexandre Dias said...

Thank you very much for sharing our website in your excelent blog, Jo, and thank you for translating my message! (I forgot to do it this time). Best wishes

08 November, 2012  
Blogger Jo said...

Dear friends,

We have just launched two new sections at the Ernesto Nazareth 150 Years website. The first is called "Nazareth and you", a space for fans of the composer to share a testimony with your memories and impressions about Nazareth's works, how was your first contact with his music, why his tangos and waltzes are important to you, etc.

For the musicians, there is a special field in the form to submit youtube videos (specially homemade ones), with Nazareth tunes.

So we welcome each and everyone of you to this new section made to be a communication channel for everybody.

Section "Nazareth and you":

The second novelty is the Texts section, which makes available an extensive bibliography related to Nazareth. There I've compiled all the known books that have at least one chapter dedicated to him, scholarly publications, newspaper and magazines texts, radio and television broadcasts, online texts, discs booklets and digital midia.

The scholarly works and newspaper texts which are abailable online have the link just below the title.

In the future this section will possibly be enriched with pdfs of those works whose copyrights allow.

Sections "Texts":

Nazarethian cheers,

Alexandre Dias

18 November, 2012  

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