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Choro Live - 'No Salão do Barbeiro'

Choro should be experienced live. The atmosphere of a roda de choro or a choro live-performance in concert supports the original intension of choro and reveals its true spirit as an artform that pays attention to both the actual setting of the performance and to the long tradition of practise. As a consequence, a live-recording of a choro performance has the opportunity to produce a successful musical output that preserves the event for posterity. I found an excellent example of this after listening to the shown CD, 'No Salão do Barbeiro'.

The CD was recorded in February 2011 during a concert at Itaú Cultural (SP) presenting music composed by Zé Barbeiro, violão 7 cordas ace and a well-known figure in choro circles of São Paulo. The concert was organised as part of the 'Projeto Rumos' that was awarded by the Itaú Cultural Project Direction and opened the opportunity of a recording of the presented music. The CD has 14 tracks recorded live at the concert, and the participating musicians are besides Zé Barbeiro: Rodrigo Y Castro (flute), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet), Leo Rodrigues (percussion), Fabricio Rosil cavaquinho), Cleber Silveira (accordeon), Edu Malta (el-bass) and Giba Favery (drums). The presented music sets focus on modern and danceable choro in the gafieira tradition, and the CD has captured the light atmosphere of the concert and documents a successful show thanks to the great work by all involved. - You have the opportunity to listen to the cd in full length at Rádio UOL, here - The CD is available for purchase in mp3 format here

As mentioned, Zé Barbeiro (b 1952) is the composer of the presented music. He is self-taught on violão 7 cordas and started his musical career during the 1970s in between his dayjob as a barber. He has taken part in several choro and samba events and was a member of the ensembles Nosso Choro and Choro Rasgado besides having contributed to the Panorama do Choro Contemporâneo Paulistanos project and further has accompanied other contemporary artists like Alessandro Penezzi, Danilo Brito and Yamandú Costa in concert and live performance. - Zé Barbeiro has won awards for his work as a composer and has released three CDs in his own name documenting a selection of his more than 200 compositions mainly in the modern choro tradition.- More info on Zé Barbeiro's career to be found at his official web (- in Portuguese only), here

At YouTube there is uploaded several videos recorded at the 'No Salão do Barbeiro' concert, here's an example documenting an excellent show and a great live-recording also preserved at the CD issue. The opening title of the CD is the composition 'Juntando os Cacos', here performed by Zé Barbeiro and his musicians - enjoy!



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