Saturday, June 27, 2015

Centennial of Garoto

Let's commemorate the centennial of the birth of the great Anibal Augusto Sardiha, better known under his artist name, Garoto (28.06.1915 - 03.05.1955). The best way to celebrate a multi talented musician and composer like Garoto is to play some of his music. Thus, below I'll insert some examples from his recorded legacy.

A choro composed by Garoto, Amoroso, recorded 1942 featuring Carolina Cardoso de Menezes is a highlight of his playing of the guitarra havaiana 

Another choro from 1942 composed by Garoto is Quanto doi a saudade, showcasting the violão tenor

Garoto was also a master of the bandolim, here is  an example,  Aranca-toco from 1950

Also from 1950 the inevitable and magnificent tour-de-force, Desvairada, the original version for bandolim

From the private recordings made 1950s featuring Garoto on solo violão, Inspiração

Also from the 1950s private solo sessions of solo violão, to end this - Lamentos do Morro



Blogger Linda said...

I was born in the 1950's but just love music from an era "before my time", especially the early 1900's to 1940's. You have a very nice blog.

19 July, 2015  

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