Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Paola Picherzky - Armando Neves, Outras Composições

Armando Neves (Armandinho), 1902-1976
The works for solo violão by Armando Neves (Armandinho) have been rediscovered in recent years and widely appreciated thanks to the CD recording of a selection of his choros by Paola Picherzky in 2008. I made a small review of the CD earlier, here - You have the opportunity to listen to the full album at YouTube, here
A career profile of Armando Neves (- in Portuguese) is available here, and a short profile of Paola Picherzky (- in English) is available here. 
CD front, Armando Neves, Outras Composições Indepente (Tratore), 2015
Earlier this year Paola Picherzky released the new CD shown above featuring fifteen more compositions for solo violão by Armando Neves, a great supplement to her recording of eighteen of his choros from 2008. The new CD includes only one composition registered as a choro (Choro 7), the remaining tracks are devoted to compositions in other musical genres such as Canção, Valsa, Maxixe, Estudio, Preludio and Gavota, or to music with individual titles but without the stating of the genre. A tracklist of the featured repertoire is available here 
Paola Picherzky
The interpretation of the music at the CD is excellent and done with empathy and flawless mastery of the technical challenges, the result is a very listenable CD that highlights both the beauty of Armando Neves' compositions and Paola Picherzky's capacity as a guitarist and soloist. The CD is highly recommended and is available for purchase as download in mp3 format here 
- To end this, I insert Paola Picherzsky's interpretation of Armando Neves' well known Choro nº2, here from a TV presentation  - enjoy!



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