Monday, November 30, 2015

Trio Madeira Brasil - Ao Vivo Em Copacabana, DVD

Trio Madeira Brasil (photo courtesy by Marcos Hermes)
Trio Madeira Brasil integrates Zé Paulo Becker (violão), Marcello Gonçalves (violão 7 cordas) and Ronaldo do Bandolim (bandolim). The trio was formated in 1996 and released their debut CD in 1998. Since then the trio a.o. has participated in Mika Kaurismekki's documentary Brasilerinho, Choro in Rio (2005), toured inside and outside Brazil and further recorded with other renowned Brazilian artists besides conducting individual careers. In 2013, the trio decided to make a DVD recording of a live performance to mark the 15. year of Trio Madeira Brasil's recording debut. The DVD has now been released by Som Livre, and extracts of the audio is available on a seperate CD issue.

Trio Madeira Brasil - Ao Vivo Em Copacabana, DVD
I haven't had an opportunity to view the recorded DVD yet, but it certainly ranks among my priority wishes for Christmas next month, so if someone would surprise me with a present for the holidays, now you know what would be much appreciated! - Anyway, the DVD has had a couple of presentations and reviews in Brazil, i.e. here and here. The contents comprises 15 recorded compositions, among them are both choros by Jacob do Bandolim, erudite pieces by Villa-Lobos, Manuel de Falla and instrumental compositions by Jobim, Gnattali and Chico Buarque - a tracklist is featured in the first link above. Yamandú Costa participates as a guest artist in some of the recorded pieces.
CD front of extracted audio from the DVD
I have been listening to the audio available at the CD that was extracted from the DVD recording (- the CD may be accessed for listening at Spotify and other streaming audio services). My impression of the music is that these extremely talented musicians have performed a magnificent concert that may be listened to over and over again thanks to the trio's phenomenal interplay and the virtuosity of each single member of the ensemble, this live recording definitly marks a peak point of Trio Madeira Brasil's career - highly recommended, indeed! - The DVD may be purchased here and the CD is available for purchase as download here.

To end this small presentation, I'll insert an uploaded video from YouTube featuring Trio Madeira Brasil in a live performance at Instrumental SESC, Rio de Janeiro from about the same time as the just released DVD concert. The complete show at Instrumental SESC has been uploaded, so sit back and enjoy the performance



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