Saturday, December 26, 2015

Quarteto Roda de Choro

l-r: Milton Mori (cav), Luzinho 7 Cordas (v7c), Léo Rodrigues (pandeiro), Alexandre Ribeiro (cl)
To accompany the seasonal holidays with music I have been listening to some recordings by the four musicians shown at the snapshot above from a live performance uploaded at YouTube. The quartet integtrates four musicians from the choro community of São Paulo. According to available info the quartet was formated in 2007 at the initiative of Danilo Brito to support live performance of choro music. The name of the quartet indeed expresses the long tradition of choro music performance. Quarteto Roda de Choro keeps the tradition well alive, i.e. by inviting guest musicians to 'sit in' at their performances and of course by playing music from the huge repertoire of classic choro.
Quarteto Roda de Choro (promo photo)
Quarteto Roda de Choro integrates Léo Rodrigues (pandeiro), Alexandre Ribeiro (clarinet), Luzinho 7 Cordas (violão 7 cordas) and Milton Mori (cavaquinho). Earlier this year the ensemble released its first CD containing eleven tracks of delightful music excellently performed.
CD front, Scubidu Records, SDU-020
The CD was recorded in 2013 and the repertoire of the eleven tracks was chosen from classic choros by renowned composers like Severino Araújo, Luiz Americano, Pixinguinha, Abel Ferreira, Altamiro Carrilho, Sivuca a.o.. One track was composed by Luzinho 7 Cordas, who also has emphazised that the aim of the group's performance is to reproduce the beauty of the chosen tunes with minimum improvisation. A tracklist is available here, and you have the opportunity to listen to all tracks in full length here. - The CD may be purchased in the digipack format here 

Below I'll insert some examples of Quarteto Roda de Choro in live performance of music featured at the CD. - Here  is first the ensemble's performance of Severino Araújo's Chorinho pra Você

Next Quarteto Roda de Choro performs Luiz Americano's É do que há 

At the same Instrumental SESC live concert the quartet also performed Pixinguinha's Os oito batutas, here in combination with Lourival Oliveira's Corisco 

The dance hall type of choro was also presented at the concert, here is Astor Silva's Chorinho na Gafieira performed by Quarteto Roda de Choro

To end this small review of Quarteto Roda de Choro, here is a performance of Jacob do Bandolim's Noites Cariocas (NB! not at the CD) featuring invited guest musicians Toninho Ferragutii (accordeon) and Nelson Ayres (piano)

I want to thank you readers for your support in 2015 and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year/Feliz Natal & Ano Novo 2016.


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