Monday, May 23, 2016

Conjunto Água de Vintém Revisited

Conjunto Água de Vintém
Some months ago I presented the young choro ensemble Conjunto Água de Vintém from Piracicaba (SP) after having been listening to the recordings at the CD Água de Vintém interpreta Sergio Belluco (2015). If you missed the blog entry, it's still available here 

Just recently I found a lengthy TV presentation of Água de Vintém in performance uploaded at YouTube which I like to share here as this months contribution at the blog. The TV presentation includes performance of music from the mentioned CD as well as other great choro music. In between sets there is spoken info (-in Portuguese) about the music by Guilherme Soares, who plays the violão in the ensemble - the other bandmembers are Vitor Casagrande (bandolim), Saulo Ligo (cavaco), Marcus Godoy (violão de 7 cordas) and Xeina Barros (pandeiro). - Learn more about Conjunto Água de Vintém at the official website, here,   and also pay a visit at the ensemble's YouTube Channel for more videos and the Sound Cloud site with more audio, here 

Here is the mentioned TV performance, recorded in October last year by TV USP Piracicaba for the progam Música na ESALQ - enjoy!



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