Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jacob do Bandolim News

Jacob in performance at at the Cine-teatro Paramount, São Paulo 1954
Today it has been 47 years since Jacob do Bandolim passed away following a heart attack. Jacob's importance as a musician, composer, researcher and tireless spokesman in favour of choro luckily has been kept well alive since his untimely passing by countless followers in Brazil and elsewhere. In 2002, the Instituto do Jacob do Bandolim was established to preserve and inform about Jacob's legacy, the website devoted to this project remains an indispensable resource for researchers of everything concerning Jacob do Bandolim. In July this year, the IJB has announced a sensational finding of a movie clip with Jacob performing, previously no moving pictures of Jacob do Bandolim had been available besides a short filmed interview without audio. The new film was announced at TV Bandeirantes followed by an interview with Sérgio Prata and Jorge Cardoso, both members of IJB. The film clip was made in 1954 at the Cine-teatro Paramount in São Paulo, and according avaiable info in the uploaded video issue you can also watch Aracy de Almeida, Blecaute, Eleninha Silveira and Inezita Barroso accompanied by Regional do Canhoto

Another new finding according Jacob do Bandolim was also announced last month. The Instituto Piano Brasileiro has recently acquired a collection of reel tapes from the Acervo de Neusa França (- a female pianist), among the tapes was the complete recording of a Sarau (- an informal house concert) featuring Jacob do Bandolim and Época de Ouro, made November 11, 1967 at the home of Neusa França. The recording has been digitized at Instituto Piano Brasileiro and made free accessible for the public in an uploaded audio-video at YouTube, inserted below. The total time of the video is more than four hours,  and if you consult the video at the YouTube website, a detailed list of contents is available in the featured comments from the publisher. NB The recording also features other performers besides Jacob and Época de Ouro, see list of details with the video at YouTube.

To commemorate the importance and inspiration of Jacob do Bandolim an accomplished bandolinista, Luiz Pardal, has uploaded a video of his performance of a self composed Valsa Estudo. The title of the piece is Viva Jacob, an appropriate title and a nice piece of music to end this blog entry, I think.



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