Monday, October 31, 2016

New CD From Choro das Tres - Impressões

CD front, Choro das Tres - Impressões (Macole, 2016)
The fabulous Choro das Tres ensemble has just released their 6th CD in Brazil titled Impressões (in English: Impressions). The CD was recorded earlier this year and issued internationally in April on Pixinguinha's birthday (April 23th, Choro Day in Brazil and elsewhere) just in time to promote Choro das Tres' US tour this year. The liner notes inform on the background of the CD, quote: "We have devoted the last four years to producing never-before-recorded music that follows traditional Brazilian choro instrumental styles. (-) Now we have produced Impressões (Impressions). It incorporates our impressions of other styles of music, including forró (from northeastern Brazil), chamamé (from northern Argentina), European styles such as romance and musette, and even American jazz inspired by Benny Goodman." The repertoire consists of 14 new compositions, some of them composed by members of the ensemble, some by friends, a.o. Leroy Amêndola, who contributed two pieces, Forró Barroco and O Céu de Waldir, the last mentioned with participation of Danilo Brito playing cavaquinho solo. Accordionist Thadeu Romano and Elisa Meyer, bandolinista of Choro das Tres, co-composed Festa no Chiqueiro and Thadeu Romano also participates as accordionist in Floreio. Composer and cavaquinista Pacheco has contributed as composer and instrumentalist in three tracks: 7 Belo, Garota and No Velho 18. Choro das Tres members are Corina Meyer Ferreira (flute), Elisa Meyer Ferreira (bandolim, banjo, clarinet, piano), Lia Meyer Ferreira (violão 7 cordas) and their father Eduardo Ferreira (pandeiro). The CD is available for purchase here 
Choro das Tres, l-r:
Eduardo Ferreira (pandeiro), Corina (flute), Elisa (bandolim), Lia (violão 7 cordas)
As mentioned in the liner notes above, the music at the CD extends choro and i.e. also includes forró. The first track of the CD, Forró Barroco composed by Leroy Amêndola was performed by Choro das Tres during their US tour and recorded on video uploaded at YouTube

The romance for flute and piano, A Espera de Ti by Corina and Elisa Meyer available at the new CD was also recorded on video during the US tour and is inserted below

The magnificent production of the material recorded at the CD with participation of invited guest performers in some tracks convinces this listener that the flawless execution of the tunes and the virtuosic instrumental skills by the young members of Choro das Tres mark yet another successful CD album by this fabulous ensemble. To end this small review, here's another video recording from the US tour this year, a duo version of Luperce Miranda's Quando Me Lembro - not available at the new CD, but here a showcase for bandolim and violão 7 cordas - enjoy!



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