Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Messias Britto - Baianato

Messias Britto - Baianato (2014, independent)
I like to point you to an amazing CD of virtuosic cavaquinho playing, the above shown Baianato by Messias Britto. The CD was originally released 2014 in Brazil, but has now been re-released internationally last month, more info here and here.  The CD is available for purchase as digital download here 
Messias Britto (photo by Stela Handa)
Messias Britto (b 1989) is a self-taught cavaquinista from Bahia (North-East of Brazil). At age 12 he saw a cavaquinho for the first time, two years later he discovered Waldir Azevedo, who became his greatest inspiration. At age 19 he was invited to give lessons at Clube do Choro de Bahia in Salvador where he also was part of the Grupo Mandaia. In 2011, he went to live in São Paulo and in 2012 and 2013 he won the Bahia Educative Radio Music Festival as "Best Instrumental Interpreter". In 2014, he launched his first album, Baianato, in which he presents 10 instrumentals, most of them selfpenned and reflecting the many different musical styles of North-East of Brazil. In 2016, he won the Mimo Instrumental award. 
CD tracklist
Below I'll insert some examples from the studio recording of the CD, which have been uploaded at YouTube. - Here is first Pingo no Ó, first track at the CD

The title track of the CD, Baianato

Tatu e Eu is heavily inspired by the frevo tempo/rhythm

To end this small presentation of Messias Britto and his debut CD, I'll insert a live performance of the well-known Espinha de Bacalhau, which also gets a reading at the CD



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