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Jacob do Bandolim Centennial

Jacob do Bandolim (14-02 1918 - 13-08 1969)
Today is the date of the Jacob do Bandolim Centennial, the event will be celebrated by musicians, fans and media both in Brazil and other countries to honor one of the true icons of Brazilian music. Here at the choromusic blogspot I'll contribute to this event with some examples from Jacob's recorded legacy which are available from You Tube. I encourage readers to commemorate the importance of Jacob do Bandolim's musical heritage and find more examples at You Tube or from other available sources.
Jacob and his bandolim
Jacob do Bandolim had his recording debut in 1947 at Continental that issued eight sides on four 78 rpm discs recorded 1947 - 1949. The first recorded session was made in October 1947 and featured Jacob's choro titled Treme-Treme as the A-side of the issued disc. The audio has been uploaded at You Tube and is inserted below

In November 1948 Jacob recorded his choro Remelexo and the waltz Feia for Continental, the first mentioned is inserted below from You Tube

In 1949, Jacob changed to RCA Victor and in July 1950 he recorded his choro Simplicidade for this label, inserted below from You Tube

One of the tunes which forever will be associated with Jacob do Bandolim and his imprint on Brazilian music and culture is of course Noites Cariocas recorded for RCA Victor and first issued on a 78 rpm May 1957

LP front: Vibrações, RCA Camden (Oct. 1967)
Jacob continued to record for RCA Victor throughout his career and his greatest success was the issue of the album Vibrações released in October 1967 featuring Jacob and his conjunto Época de Ouro. From this great album I'll insert the audio of two titles uploaded at You Tube, first Receita de Samba

Finally, to end this small contribution, the title track of the album - the immortal choro, Vibrações



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Nice blog.

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Dear Jorgen, thank you so much for this useful resumé of Jacob's works. I'm preparing a tribute to Jacob at our Tribune de la musique in Paris, and I will follow your contribution to show some excerpts of Jacob's music. I'm happy to notice that you haven't discontinued totally this blog! I wish you all the best for this year 2018! Abraço, Oscar

06 March, 2018  
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