Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hamilton de Holanda - Jacob Black & Jacob Baby

Hamilton de Holanda - Jacob Black (Deck Disc, 2018)
Hamilton de Holanda concludes his great homage to Jacob do Bandolim with the release of the last two sets in the production of four different approaches to carefully selected parts of Jacob's musical legacy. The third part is entitled Jacob Black and according to the accessible info at the website of Deck Discwhich has issued the recordings in digital format, the focus on Jacob Black is compositions revealing affinity with the Afro-Brazilian musical universe. Hamilton is accompanied by Rafael dos Anjos (violão) and percussion by Tiago da Serrinha and Luiz Augusto. The set contains twelve tracks of both well known and lesser known compotitions by Jacob do Bandolim and Hamilton contributes with his own composition titled Jacob Black. Below I'll insert a couple of the tracks that have been uploaded at YouTube. - Here is first Hamilton de Holanda's interpretation of Jacob's A Ginga do Mané 

Next is Hamilton's version of Jacob's Um Bandolim na Escola 

Finally, Hamilton's own Jacob Black concludes the set with the same title

Hamilton de Holanda - Jacob Baby (Deck Disc, 2018)
The last set in Hamilton de Holanda's four-part homage to Jacob do Bandolim's musical legacy is entitled Jacob Baby and has focus on tunes which are suitable for young children. Hamilton plays Jacob's unique 10 string bandolim and accompanies himself (overdub) on cavaquinho and bouzouki creating the calm pacing and mood of a music box as pointed out at the website of Deck Disc. Below some examples from the the twelfth recordings at the set. - Here is first a slowed down and calm interpretation of Jacob's Doce de Coco 

Next, here is Hamilton's version of Jacob's O Voo da Mosca 

Jacob's Assanhado, which is featured in different versions in all four sets, concludes this small review of Hamilton de Holanda's homage to Jacob do Bandolim at Jacob Baby

The Deck Disc label plans to release a 4 cd-box in September featuring the four sets by Hamilton de Holanda. All twelve tracks of Jacob Black have been uploaded by Deck Disc at You Tube, here, and the music is available for purchase in mp3 format here. Also the Jacob Baby set has been uploaded in full length at YouTube by Deck Disc, hereand the music is available for purchase in mp3 format, here


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